DEEP: Pesticide Product Registration Requirements

Pesticide Product Registration Requirements

Important Notice Regarding Reclassification of Neonicotinoid Pesticides
Public Act 16-17 requires that, not later than January 1, 2018, the Commissioner classify all neonicotinoids (as defined by the Act) that are labeled for treating plants, as restricted use.  Pursuant to the Act, the classification of pesticide products currently registered in Connecticut which contain clothianidin, dinotefuran, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam will be changed from general use to restricted use effective January 1, 2017. 

The Notice of Reclassification of Neonicotinoid Pesticides Used for Treating Plants and the Notice to Wholesalers/Distributors/Retailers provide a list of the affected pesticides and the schedule for implementing the Act. 
Notice Regarding Registration of Additional Brand Names (ABN)
Connecticut now charges the product registration fee for ABNs. This fee will take effect beginning with products which have a registration expiration date of 12/31/2016 and are being renewed.  The registration fee will take effect for all ABN registration applications received on or after January 1, 2017. Various colors, scents and sizes of the same product will not be subject to the registration fee.

All pesticides that are sold or used in Connecticut must be registered with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Pesticide Program.  Pesticides are broadly defined and include insecticides, herbicides, antimicrobials, fungicides and most other products that are designed or marketed to control or repel a pest.  The manufacturer or distributor is responsible for registering the product.  In most cases, federal EPA registration must be obtained before the state registration process can begin. In addition, pesticides exempt from federal registration under section 25(b) of FIFRA must be registered in Connecticut.

Application Information

A complete registration application consists of:

  • one copy of the Application for Registration of Pesticides, 
  • one copy of the safety data sheet (SDS) and one copy of the product label for each product to be registered, and
  • a check made payable to "Department of Energy and Environmental Protection" for the required registration fee.
A registrant must use the application form specific to the year in which registration of the product(s) is to begin.

2018 Application Form: (Word, PDF)

2019 Application Form:  (Word, PDF)

See the Instructions for information on how to complete the application form.

For further information, please contact the Pesticide Management Program via e-mail or write to: 

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance
Pesticide Management Program
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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