DEEP: Getting Started With P2

Getting Started with Pollution Prevention (P2)
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You can bring sustainability and pollution prevention (P2) practices into your life at work, at school and at home. Sometimes our environmental challenges can seem so overwhelming that it's hard to know where to begin. But even small changes can have a big impact on protecting our environment. Here are some ways to get started:
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At Home  

Many individuals and families may be practicing P2 at home without even realizing it. Do you:
Then you are already practicing pollution prevention! 
We have more ideas for you about how to prevent pollution, including solutions for how to dispose, recycle or reuse anything from A to Z.  
Schools, colleges and universities can play a major role in preventing pollution and educating students and staff to walk more lightly on the earth, including:
In Faith Communities
Many businesses, large and small, can save money, operate more efficiently and protect the environment by practicing pollution prevention rather than pollution control. Some examples of sustainable practices are:

Check out more pollution prevention resources for business and industry. We also have  information for hospitals and health care, including the CT Hospital Environmental Roundtable

  • Switching to less hazardous materials;
  • Changing the production process to improve efficiency and reduce toxic substances;
  • Installing more efficient equipment to produce less waste and use less energy;
  • Redesigning products to reduce certain raw materials in products or packaging.

Here are just a few resources to get your business thinking about pollution prevention: 

Educational Resources and Publications

 Content Updated on March 2014