DEEP: Long Island Sound Blue Plan Related Links

Blue Plan Related Links
New from the Blue Plan
Blue Plan Basics Factsheets:
Federal and Regional Marine Spatial Planning
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: NOAA’s overview of coastal and marine spatial planning at the national and regional levels
Northeast Regional Planning Body: New England’s Regional Ocean Planning Body, organized under the National Ocean Strategy
Northeast Ocean Data Portal: A very useful compilation of resource, habitat, and human use data for the entire Northeast region, including Long Island Sound
Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body: The Regional Ocean Planning Body extending from New York to Virginia
Mid-Atlantic Data Portal: Provides data on ocean science and maps through a state-of-the-art data visualization, storytelling, and networking platform.
National Ocean Council Governance Coordinating Committee (GCC) Voices for the Ocean 2016: A summary of what the GCC views as the most important inter-jurisdictional ocean issues for the Nation.
Neighboring State Marine Spatial Plans
New York Ocean Action Plan: New York’s plan for the offshore ocean area, not including Long Island Sound
New York State Geographic Information Gateway: Data portal to information about New York’s lands and waters
Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan: First completed in 2009, reviewed and updated in 2015
Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan: First completed in 2010, reviewed and updated in 2015 
Other Links to Marine Spatial Planning
NOAA Digital Coast Ocean Dimensions Video: Provides background information on ocean planning
NOAA Digital Coast Ocean Dimensions 3-D Interactive Map: Provides information about the ocean spanning three dimensions and includes resources and uses on the sea surface, seafloor, water column, and air column
Open Channels "Insights from Leaders: Practical Solutions on Ocean Planning" Video Series: Video clips offering insights and guidance on ocean management from experienced professionals in the field of marine spatial planning
Open Channels "Marine Spatial Planning in a Nutshell" Video: A five-minute film that simplifies the concept of Marine Spatial Planning
Keep the Ocean Working: A wide variety of stakeholders explain their commitment to and support for marine spatial planning
Green Fire Productions, Ocean Frontiers Film Series: Short films illustrating the CMSP process, including in New England
Documents from the Connecticut-New York Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine Spatial Planning Working Group
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