DEEP: Coastal NPS Program - Wetland Links

Connecticut's Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

Links to More Information about Reducing NPS by Protecting and Restoring Wetlands & Riparian Areas
(Note: many of the following links exit the DEEP web site)

Wetland/Habitat Protection

Coastal Management Manual: Tidal Wetlands Fact Sheet

Coastal Management Manual: Vegetated Buffers Fact Sheet

Connecticut Lakes and Ponds

Connecticut's Inland Wetlands Program

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act

DOT Bureau of Policy and Planning Environmental Pamphlets

Structures, Dredging, and Fill Act

Tidal Marshes of Long Island Sound

Tidal Wetlands Buffers Guidance Document (PDF)

Wetland/Habitat Restoration

Long Island Sound Study LIS Habitat Restoration Manual

Long Island Sound Study LIS 2002 Habitat Restoration Site Map

Coastal Riparian Landscaping Guide for Long Island Sound


Content updated August 8, 2019