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Connecticut's Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

Links to More Information about Reducing NPS from Urban Sources
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Related Legislation

Section 6217, CZARA of 1990

Connecticut Coastal Management Act

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act

Regulation of Discharges to the Waters of the State

DEEP Programs

Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

DEEP Pollution Prevention

DEEP Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Information

Remediation Programs and Information

Aquifer Protection Area Program

DEEP Open Space Acquisition Program

Municipal Planning and Zoning and Regional Planning


Municipal Planning Authority

Municipal Zoning Authority

Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO)

University of Connecticut Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project

Jordan Cove Watershed Project 2007 Final Report


Office of Policy and Management/Regional Planning Organizations in Connecticut

Regional Planning Agency Authority

Plans of Conservation and Development for Regions Contiguous to Long Island Sound

Northwest Connecticut Parking Study

Model Zoning Regulations for Parking for Northwestern Connecticut

Conservation and Development Policies Plan for Connecticut, 2005-2010


DEEP Stormwater Management

2004 Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual

Stormwater General Permit Information:

Phase I Stormwater Construction General Permit 5+ acres disturbed

Phase I Stormwater Commercial General Permit 5+ acres impervious surface

Phase I Stormwater Industrial General Permit certain industrial activities

Phase II MS4 Permits municipal separate storm sewer systems

University of Connecticut Rain Garden Brochure

DEEP Watershed Municipal Outreach and Low Impact Development

Roads, Highways and Bridges

DOT Bureau of Policy and Planning Environmental Pamphlets 

On-Site Mitigation for Transportation Projects (containment or construction debris, paint, or other material)

DEEP Snow Disposal Best Management Practices

DEEP Guidelines for Municipal Management Practices for Street Sweepings and Catch Basin Cleanings

CT Department of Transportation 2000 Drainage Manual

Water Quality  

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Program

Long Island Sound Water Quality Program and Information

Water Quality Standards and Classifications  Legislation 

Connecticut Integrated Water Quality Report to Congress

Connecticut Swimming Area Water Quality Summer Program


DEEP Programs

DEEP Watershed Management

DEEP Watershed Management Plans and Documents

River Protection Act

Watershed Organizations

Rivers Alliance

Housatonic Valley Association

Mattabesset River Watershed Association

Niantic River Watershed

Norwalk River Watershed Association

Quinnipiac River Watershed Association

Septic Systems

DEEP Programs

Subsurface Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (septic systems)

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Connecticut Department of Public Health Environmental Engineering - Subsurface Sewage (septic systems)

Connecticut Department of Public Health Public Health Code

Connecticut Department of Public Health Home Buyers Guide for septic systems

Connecticut Recommended Minimum Existing Septic System Inspection Report Form

CT Department of Public Health Circular Letter #2000-01, Density of Developments

CT Department of Public Health Circular Letter #2002-03, Nitrogen Loading Design Considerations

Local and Regional Health Departments and Organizations

Local/Regional Health Departments

Septic Care and Maintenance for the Homeowner (Southwest Conservation District)

CT Environmental Health Association

Town of Westbrook Septic Information

National Environmental Services Center