DEEP: Coastal NPS Program - Marinas Links

Connecticut's Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

Links to More Information about Reducing NPS from Marinas and Recreational Boating
(Note: many of the following links exit the DEEP web site)

EPA's Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Nonpoint Pollution in Coastal Waters, Chapter 5: Management Measure for Marinas and Recreational Boating

CT Clean Marina Program

CT Clean Boater Program

CT Clean Vessel Act Program (Pumpouts)

CT DEEP Boating Information

CT DEEP Boater's Guide   Part Four: Boating and Environmental Awareness (PDF)

Connecticut's No Discharge Area Program

NOAA/OCRM's Clean Marina Initiative

NOAA/OCRM's Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Programs' Marina Success Stories

Marina Design

Structures, Dredging, and Fill Act   Coastal Permit Program Permitting Fact Sheet

EPA's Shipshape Shores and Waters: A Handbook for Marina Operators and Recreational Boaters, Marina Design Considerations (PDF)

Harbor Management Planning 

Connecticut Harbor Management Act

CT Harbor Management Association

Bridgeport Harbor Management Plan

Chester Harbor Management Plan (PDF)

Norwalk Harbor Management Plan

Stonington Harbor Management Plan (PDF)


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