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Connecticut's Clean Marina Program

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**The Clean Marina Program is not accepting pledges or conducting recertifications at this time.**

Connecticut's Clean Marina Program is a voluntary program that encourages inland and coastal marina operators to minimize pollution.  The program also recognizes Connecticut's marinas, boatyards, and yacht clubs that go above and beyond regulatory compliance as "Certified Clean Marinas."

All certified marinas will receive a weatherproof Clean Marina Flag to fly at their facility and authorization to use the Clean Marina Program logo on company publications.  The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will recognize certified Clean Marinas with press releases, on this web page, and at public events.

As a companion to the Clean Marina Program, the Clean Boater Program encourages the state's boaters to learn about and use clean boating techniques when operating and maintaining their boats.

Steps to Becoming a Connecticut Clean Marina

Connecticut's Clean Marinas

Clean Marina Pledge

Clean Marina Guidebook

Clean Marina Award Checklist

Clean Marina Compliance Checklist

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Clean Boater Information

Links to Other Clean Marina Programs

Should you need information on specific programs related to your marina, please direct your inquiry as follows: 

Pressure-Washing Discharges/Wash-down Pads/Other Water Discharge: 
Edward Finger  (860-424-3817)

Waste Management and Disposal Issues:
Ross Bunnell  (860-424-3274)

Recycling Issues: 
Judy Belaval  (860-424-3237)

Underground Storage Tanks: 
Lori Saliby (860-424-3329)

Coastal Permitting Issues: 
Brian Golembiewski  (860-424-3867)

Boating Issues: 
Wendy Flynn (860-447-4339)

Air Quality Issues:
Jennifer Reilly (860-424-3123)

For any other questions, please contact:
Kate Brown (860-424-3652)

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