DEEP: Hurricane Related Coastal Permitting Infor

Hurricane Related Coastal Permitting Information
Fact Sheet - to assist the public in understanding the permitting options available including temporary and emergency authorizations.
New - A temporary authorization has been issued for the use of equipment to replace stones that were displaced by Hurricane Irene from revetments that are covered by the General Permit for Sewall Repair, which currently allows replacement of stones by hand only.
temporary authorization has been issued for temporary placement of sandbags, scaffolding, steel or wooden plates or sheeting and/or bracing and temporary use of equipment to remove storm debris. The purpose of this authorization is to prevent catastrophic damage to public interest, human health or the environment by authorizing temporary measures to abate imminent failure while providing time to design, obtain authorization for, and implement permanent repairs.
A temporary authorization has been issued for the temporary use of equipment to move sand that was displaced by Hurricane Irene back to the beaches from where the sand originated. NOTE:  This temporary authorization expired on September 29, 2011
An emergency authorization has been issued for riprap placement in eroded areas behind damaged seawalls, and for seawall repairs. In order to be eligible, a seawall must have been previously authorized, have been in place since before 1980, or be protecting infrastructure or a residence that has been in place since before 1980.
In order to provide information about Federal permitting requirements for repairs of structures damaged by Hurricane Irene, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has published this Public Notice.
Use the staff contact list to contact the DEEP permit analyst specific to your town.  The list provides information regarding town assignments, staff phone numbers, and staff email
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