DEEP: 2018 Hunting and Trapping Field Guide

{Hunting & Trapping Guide cover} 2018 HUNTING AND TRAPPING GUIDE

PDF Version (12 mb)
A printed version of the 2018 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide can be obtained anywhere hunting licenses are sold or by calling 860-424-3011.
2018 Licenses, Permits, and Tags
Firearms Hunting Licenses Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp
Small Game and Deer Archery Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp
Deer Permits Hunter Education Requirements
Lost License Hunting and Trapping by Minors
Licenses for the Disabled
2018 Hunting Laws and Regulation
General Restrictions  Private Land Permission
Use of Firearms  Definitions
Use of Bows  Remedial Hunter Education
Fluorescent Orange  Laws and Regulations webpage
2018 Deer Hunting
Season Dates and Bag Limits Deer Lottery
Season Descriptions Chronic Wasting Disease
Tagging and Reporting Hemorrhagic Disease
Use of Attractants while Deer Hunting
2018 Turkey Hunting
Season Dates and Bag Limits Season Descriptions
Tagging and Reporting
2018 Small Game Hunting
Resident Game Birds Squirrel, Rabbits, Woodchuck
Migratory Game Birds   Raccoon and Opossum
Foxes and Coyote
2018 Public Hunting Areas
All Hunting Area Maps Permit-Required Hunting Areas
Dog Training and Field Trial Areas Permit-Required Area Permit Vendors
2018 Trapping
Season Dates and Bag Limits Carcass Collections
Pelt Tagging Legal Methods
Rabies Advisory
2018 Other Information
Junior Hunter Training Days Landowner Liability Release
Sunrise/Sunset Table  Trap and Target Shooting
Deer and Turkey Private Land Management Zone Map Hunter Harassment
No attempt has been made to employ the exact wording of laws and regulations, nor to provide their complete listing. For legal purposes the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and the General Statutes of Connecticut must be consulted. (more information on laws and regulations)
Content last updated on November 30, 2017.