DEEP: DEEP's Lean Initiative

DEEP's LEAN Initiative

The DEEP is applying LEAN principles and practices to improve the way we do business.  To meet the needs of our customers, we are becoming more efficient while maintaining our environmental requirements.  We are eliminating time-consuming steps that add no value so we can spend more time on what we do best - protecting the environment.

As of January 2013, DEEP has undertaken approximately 50 projects to address environmental quality,  conservation and business administration processes in areas including permitting, inspection, and enforcement in air, waste, and water pollution control programs, trout stocking practices, boating safety certification, Environmental Land Use Control application process, requisition and purchasing, Clean Water Fund Agreements, health and safety, SIMS enforcement data entry, radiation registration, requests for wildlife species review, and forest management planning, air quality monitoring data acquisition, hearing procedures and rules of practice, and surplus property review.

In keeping with LEAN practices, DEEP is also taking advantage of technology to create efficiencies and improve customer service through "eGov" initiatives.

LEAN Partnerships Conference - November 20, 2012, Hartford, CT 
This conference, sponsored by Leanovations, featured about a dozen guest speakers from both government and business sharing their LEAN successes.  The strong LEAN leadership in these organizations helps support economic growth and job promotion in Connecticut, while providing a competitive advantage for manufacturing.  View the video:

Governor Malloy's Visit to Lean Event - May 17, 2012

DEEP Green and Lean Video

What is LEAN?

LEAN at DEEP - Projects and Results

Lean Open House:

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Support Services

eGov Fact Sheet

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For further information on DEEP's LEAN initiative, please contact Nicole Lugli by e-mail or by phone at 860-424-3611.

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