DEEP: Current Recreational Marine Fisheries Regulations

Marine Recreational Fisheries
Regulations for 2014
NEW Regulations are in red

Striped Bass

 Minimum length: 28 inches
 Daily creel limit:  2 fish per angler
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

 Bonus Striped Bass Fishing Program

{Striped Bass Image}

Summer Flounder (Fluke)

 Minimum length: 18 inches
 Daily creel limit:  5 fish per angler
 Open Season:  May 17 - September 21
Enhanced Opportunity Shore Fishing Sites
 the Minimum
Length is 16 inches

{Summer Flounder Image}

Tautog (Blackfish)
 Minimum length: 16 inches
 Open Season:  April 1 - April 30,
                      2 fish per angler
 Open Season:  July 1 - August 31,
                      2 fish per angler
 Open Season:  October 10 - Dec. 6
                      4 fish per angler

{Tautog (Blackfish) image}

Scup (Porgy)
 Minimum length: 10.5 inches
 Daily creel limit:  20 fish per angler
 Open Season:  May 1 - December 31

 Party/Charter Vessels:
 Min Length, Creel Limit, Open Season:
 11 inches, 20 fish per angler from
 May 1 - August 31 and Nov. 1 - Dec. 31
 45 fish per angler from Sept. 1 - Oct. 31

Enhanced Opportunity Shore Fishing Sites 
 the Minimum Length is 9 inches

  {Scup (Porgy) Image}

 Minimum length:  None
 Daily creel limit: 10 fish per angler
                        (including "snappers")
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

{Bluefish Image}

Black Sea Bass
 Minimum length: 13 inches**
 Open Season:  June 21 - August 31,
                        3 fish per angler
 Open Season:  September 1 - December 31,
                        8 fish per angler  
 **Excluding tail fin filament (tendril)
   Party/Charter Vessels:  Special Access Program:
    Enrollment required. Paying passengers on vessels enrolled
    in the black sea bass access program may possess 8 fish
    from June 21 August 31. The minimum size remains at
    13 inches.  Vessel operators are required to record daily
    black sea bass fishing activity in monthly logbooks provided
    by the Marine Fisheries Division.  Logbooks are due no later
    than 10 days following the reporting month (June-December).

{Black Sea Bass Image}

Weakfish (Sea Trout)  
 Minimum length:  16 inches
 Daily creel limit:  1 fish
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

{Weakfish Image}

Winter Flounder
 Minimum length: 12 inches
 Daily creel limit:  2 fish per angler
 Open Season:  Open April 1 - December 31

{Winter Flounder Image}

Hickory Shad / American Shad***
 Minimum length:  None
 Daily creel limit:  6 fish per angler
           (Both species in aggregate)
 Open Season:  Open Year Round
 ***American Shad: all state waters closed, 
      except the Connecticut River

{Hickory Shad Image}

{American Shad image}

River Herring: Alewife / Blueback Herring
 The taking of anadromous alewife and 
 blueback herring is prohibited from all
 Connecticut waters including Long
 Island Sound
{Alewife fish image}
{Blueback Herring fish image}

White Perch
 Minimum length:  7 inches
 Daily creel limit:  30 fish per angler
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

{White Perch Image}

American Eel
 Minimum length:  9 inches
 Daily creel limit:  25 fish per angler
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

{American eel}

Atlantic Menhaden (Bunker)

 Minimum length:  None
 Daily creel limit:  50 fish per angler or 
 5 gallons (whichever is the greater amount)
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

{Menhaden (Bunker) fish image}

Atlantic Cod
 Minimum length: 22 inches
 Daily creel limit: 10 per angler
 Open Season:  Open Year Round

{Atlantic cod}

 Minimum length: 18 inches
 Daily creel limit:  None
 Open Season:  Open Year Round


 Minimum length: 19 inches
 Daily creel limit:  None
 Open Season:  Open Year Round


Blue Crab

 Minimum shell width (spike tip to spike tip)
  5 inches - Hard shell
  3 1/2 inches - Soft shell
 Daily creel limit:  None
 Open Season:  May 1 - November 30

{Blue Crab Image}
Content last updated April 14, 2014