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 Freshwater Fishing

Connecticut is fortunate to have over 180 public lakes and ponds and thousands of miles of rivers and streams teeming with a variety of gamefish and panfish. Anglers from all over the country come to Connecticut to fish for prized trout in the Farmington and Housatonic Rivers. Whether youíre looking for trophy size bass or trout in one of our special management areas, large walleye or pike through the ice or just want to relax on a warm summerís day fishing for bluegills, Connecticut anglers are provided with great opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish throughout the year.  Getting a license is easy and convenient right from the comfort of your own computer via our Online Sportsmen Licensing system.
News and Information. We want to get fishing related information to you in a timely manner. 
Trout Fishing - Opening Day is the second Saturday of April and for most waters closes on the last day of February. 
Trout Stocking Maps - Over 200 maps available! These maps show river and stream locations where trout are stocked.
Annual Connecticut Fish Distribution Report - Provides numbers of each type of fish stocked in each waterbody.
2015 Pre-Season Stocking Summary - Provides the numbers of each trout species stocked prior to Opening Day
Lake Contour Maps - Detailed bathymetric maps of over 150 lakes in pdf format!  A collaborative work of CT DEEP and UCONN.
Community Fishing Waters Program (formerly Urban Fishing) - Information on waters in urban neighborhoods that are stocked with trout and channel catfish.
Spawning Related Fish Kill Fact Sheet - Contains information regarding spawning related fish kills that are observed during May and June in many Connecticut lakes and ponds. 

CT River Bonus Striped Bass Program

Alewife And Blueback Herring - Emergency Fishery Closure is in effect

Aquatic Nuisance Species

Content last updated September 25, 2015