DEEP: Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing

Connecticut has a rich heritage of commercial fishing, from the offshore fleet in Stonington and New London, to Long Island Sound lobster boats spanning the coast to Greenwich. Commercial fishing makes an important contribution to Connecticut’s economy. In 2013, our commercial fishermen landed over 7 million pounds (live weight) of finfish, lobster, scallops, crabs and squid worth $14 million.


{Connecticut Commercial Fishing Vessels at Stonington}

Lobster Management 

Connecticut State Boundary Line in Long Island Sound

Safe Harbor Policy

Monthly Trawl Survey Maps
Notice to lobster and conch fishermen.  Maps and tables describing the direction and distance for each tow to be conducted from the research vessel John Dempsey for the current Long Island Sound Trawl Survey. (PDF)

Marine Fisheries Interstate Management (PDF)
Collect fishery dependent statistics from harvesters and dealers on catch, harvest, fishing effort by gear type and season; compile and analyze the data to provide information for quota monitoring, stock assessment, and development and evaluation of Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) and management measures.

content last updated October 2018