DEEP: ICC CT Class Exams

References for the ICC Connecticut
Class A and Class B UST System Operator Exams
Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems
September 2005
EPA 510-B-05-002
Straight Talk on Tanks
September 2005
EPA 510-B-05-001
Musts for USTs
July 1995
EPA 510-K-95-002
Dollars and Sense, Financial Responsibility Requirements for USTs
July 1995
EPA 510-K-95-004
PEI/RP 500 Recommended Practices for Inspection of Motor Fuel Dispensing Equipment
PEI, 2011 
PEI/RP 900 Recommended Practices for Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems
PEI, 2011
Technical Standards and Corrective Action Requirements for Owners and Operators of UST
EPA 40 CFR Part 280, 280.10-280.74
Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, Section 22a-449(d) 101-113
Amendments to the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, Section 22a-449(d)-101, 22a-449(d)-102, 22a-449(d)-108
Exams are open-book.  The references are required to be bound (original bound
book, three-ring binder, or stapled).
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