DEEP: Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)


Online UST Notification Now Available For 2014

UST owners/operators can submit their UST Notification, whether annual or change in information, online using  {EZFile}      (

{EZFile}   allows you to:

  • Control and confirm the accuracy of your own UST information;
  • Pay online;
  • Obtain technical assistance customized to your specific UST equipment/systems;
  • Use online forms populated with your UST information so that if there are not changes or few changes, the entire form does not need to be filled each time.

The annual UST notifications and fee payments are due by October 10th each year.

For questions or assistance regarding {EZFile} please contact the Storage Tank Enforcement Unit at (860) 424-3374 or e-mail the Program Coordinator.


UST Registration, Compliance and Release Prevention

Content last updated September 2014