DEEP: UST - Red Tag Program

Red Tag Program
Under this program, if the CT DEEP Commissioner determines that one or more of the following violations exist at a UST system, he may place a notice on or disable the system and require the tank contents to be pumped out until the violations are corrected:
  • There is a release from a UST;
  • Design, construction, installation and operation of UST system is not in accordance with the requirements of Section 22a-449o of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) for double-walled UST systems and
  • Failure to have or operate proper leak detection, overfill or spill protection measures
Deliveries to a "red tagged" UST are prohibited.
Within two business days of red tagging a system, the CT DEEP Commissioner must provide the owner or operator of the system with an opportunity for a hearing.
A red tagged UST may not be put back into service until the violations have been corrected to the satisfaction of the CT DEEP Commissioner.   The owner or operator may put the system back in operation after the system was red tagged, if they notify and submit an affidavit to the CT DEEP Commissioner indicating that all violations were corrected, and the steps that were taken to achieve compliance, if twenty-four hours after making such notification the CT DEEP Commissioner has not determined whether the applicable violations have been corrected.
Content Last Updated November 7, 2011