DEEP: Connecticut's Plants/Trees/Flowers Fun Facts

Connecticut's Trees/Plants/Flowers Fun Facts

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Interesting Tree Facts

  • The largest tree in the state is a sycamore in Simsbury along the Farmington River
  • The acidity of pine needles often prevents growth under coniferous trees
  • Connecticut's many aspen trees were once known and sometimes still as Popple
  • Black triangles or chevrons, below branches distinguish the gray birch from other birches
  • Chestnut and white pine trees dominated Connecticut's forests 350 years ago
  • Pitch pine, CT's only three-needle pine, was once called candlewood
  • Long-dead chestnut trees still stand in CT's forests- they decompose from the inside out
  • Sugar maple trees are killed at temperatures below -43oF
  • Oak/hickory is the dominant forest type in Connecticut today


  • February and March-best times to prune apple trees
  • Freezing nights and warmer days provide ideal weather for sugar maple sap to run
  • Skunk cabbage begins to emerge from snow, attracts season's first flies


  • Time to prune your Apple trees


  • Mid month-Maple tree buds begin swelling around this time
  • Late month-Maple trees begin leafing out
  • Forsythia in full bloom


  • Oak trees begin leafing out
  • Flowering dogwoods in full bloom
  • Crabapple trees in full bloom
  • Tree pollen covers everything with yellow dust
  • Lilacs in full bloom
  • Poison Ivy blooming
  • Buttercups flowering
  • Iris blooming


  • Rhododendron in full bloom
  • Cottonwood "cotton" fills the air
  • Rhododendrons can attain heights of 40 feet


  • Goldenrod in bloom


  • A hot dry summer is a boon to ragweed, whose pollen peaks around labor day
  • Ragweed pollen season underway, monitored until September 30
  • Asters bloom in open areas


  • Ragweed pollen season ends in Connecticut end of September


  • Peak of fall foliage in Northwest Hills
  • Pumpkins are ready for harvest this month
  • Leaves falling in earnest
  • Acorns are an important winter food for many animals
  • 1994-little rain and light wind provided one of the prettiest falls in memory,


  • Last of maple leaves hanging on

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