DEEP: Open Space - Grants and Financial Assistance

Open Space - Grants and Financial Assistance

Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program

Grants may be for the purchase of land that is: 

  1. Valuable for recreation, forestry, fishing, conservation of wildlife or natural resources;
  2. A prime natural feature of the state's landscape;
  3. Habitat for native plant or animal species listed as threatened, endangered or of special concern; 
  4. A relatively undisturbed outstanding example of a native ecological community which is uncommon; 
  5. Important for enhancing and conserving water quality; 
  6. Valuable for preserving local agricultural heritage; or 
  7. Eligible to be classified as Class I or Class II watershed land (Water Companies only).

Additional Information

Eligible Parties:  Municipalities,  nonprofit land conservation organizations and Water Companies.
Availability: Twice per year if funds available.
Range of Awards:
(in dollars)
Awards not to exceed 40-60% of fair market value (depending on project type & applicant category).
Agency Contact:
Allyson Clarke - Land Acquisition
(860) 424-3016

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