DEEP: Boating Infrastructure Grant Application Questions & Answers

2017 Boating Infrastructure Grant Applications Questions and Answers to RFA
Q: Can you please confirm that there is $190,000 available for the Tier I state application?
A: Yes.  There will be approximately $190,000 available statewide.
Q: The grant website mentions hardcopy and electronic submittals would be accepted.  Do you have  preference?
A: One original and four copies are required to be submitted for review purposes, so hard copies are required.
Q: We started the application before the current RFA was formally issued.  Are you aware of any significant differences between the older RFA and the current that would affect the format of the application?
A: We are not aware of any significant differences between the older RFA and the current RFA that would impact the format of the application.  However, it is recommended that each applicant carefully review both the application instructions and the Notice of Funding Opportunity issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service for this funding cycle.
Q: If we qualify and are approved for grant funding for a particular project, are we allowed to charge transients our usual and customary storage rate, are there any restrictions on our charges or otherwise?
A: Under the BIG Program, transient boaters must be charged the prevailing rate for the area for slip rental.  Since these are transient vessels, any upland storage rates should not apply, since transient vessels are those that are visiting for up to 15 days/nights and are not located in their harbor of origin.
Content Last Updated on July 20, 2017