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The Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for high school and middle school students to complete school projects and deliver boating safety messages.
Visitors to fresh water swimming areas and boat launches should be aware that during this time of year some water bodies may be prone to blue-green algal blooms.  Blue-green algae may produce and release toxins that – at high enough concentrations -  are potentially harmful to swimmers, dogs and people involved in activities that puts them in contact with the water.  For more information visit
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The Boating Office located at Sherwood Island State Park is closed for the 2016 Boating Season.

The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection is working hard to keep Connecticut’s waterways safe, clean and fun for all boaters. We look to every boat operator to help us in our efforts by knowing and obeying the laws and regulations as well as exercising sound environmental practices.

Enjoy your time on our waters. Make the sound choice to boat safely and responsibly.
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