DEEP: Boating Regulations

Boating Regulations

The Boating Safety regulations were modified effective July 8, 2011. Significant changes include:

  • 15-121-A1 - Definitions. 
  • 15-121-B5 - Criteria for the issuance of marine dealer registration numbers.
  • 15-121-B5a - Marine dealer registration numbers: application and display.
  • 15-121-B14 - Restricted speed limit.
  • 15-121-B15o - Mystic River speed restrictions.
  • 15-121-B18 - Modification of regulations during marine events. Exemption for law enforcement and emergency vessels.
  • 15-140f-2 - Proctored examinations for safe boating certificates.
  • 15-140f-3 - Issuance of safe boating certificates.
  • 15-140f-4 - Fees for safe boating certificate courses, and examinations and for issuing safe boating certificates, temporary safe boating certificates and duplicate certificates.
  • 15-140f-5 - Reciprocial agreements with other states.
  • 15-140j-1 - Issuance of certificates of personal watercraft operation.
  • 15-140j-2 - Content for courses taken to obtain a certificate of personal watercraft.
  • 15-140j-3 - Fees for certificate of personal watercraft operation courses and for issuing certificates of personal watercraft operation, temporary certificates of personal watercraft operation and duplicate certificates.

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Content last updated on October 21, 2016.