DEEP: Boating Regulations

Boating Regulations

Candlewood Lake Regulation

Through Special Act 10-3, the legislature of the State of Connecticut directed the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to amend the stateís regulations to restrict vessel length on Candlewood Lake. Public Notice of this proposed amendment was first published in the Connecticut Law Journal on November 29, 2011. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) held a public hearing on January 4, 2012 and accepted public comment until January 27, 2012. The DEEP revised the proposed amendment accordingly. The proposed amendment was considered by the Legislative Regulations Review Committee (LRRC) on August 28, 2012 and was rejected without prejudice based on the recommendation of the Legislative Commissionerís Office (LCO). It was resubmitted with changes on October 2, 2012 and was approved pending technical changes on October 23, 2012. The technical changes were made and the resultant regulation was filed with the Secretary of the State on October 31, 2012.

Candlewood Lake

Boating Regulations 
The Boating Safety regulations were modified effective July 8, 2011. Significant changes include:

  • 15-121-A1 - Definitions. 
  • 15-121-B5 - Criteria for the issuance of marine dealer registration numbers.
  • 15-121-Ba - Marine dealer registration numbers: application and display.
  • 15-121-B14 - Restricted speed limit.
  • 15-121-B15o - Mystic River speed restrictions.
  • 15-121-B18 - Modification of regulations during marine events. Exemption for law enforcement and emergency vessels.
  • 15-140f-2 - Proctored examinations for safe boating certificates.
  • 15-140f-3 - Issuance of safe boating certificates.
  • 15-140f-4 - Fees for safe boating certificate courses, and examinations and for issuing safe boating certificates, temporary safe boating certificates and duplicate certificates.
  • 15-140f-5 - Reciprocial agreements with other states.
  • 15-140j-1 - Issuance of certificates of personal watercraft operation.
  • 15-140j-2 - Content for courses taken to obtain a certificate of personal watercraft.
  • 15-140j-3 - Fees for certificate of personal watercraft operation courses and for issuing certificates of personal watercraft operation, temporary certificates of personal watercraft operation and duplicate certificates.

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