DEEP: Good Deals for Good Neighbors: An OWF Incentive Program

Good Deals for Good Neighbors
An Outdoor Wood-fired Furnace (OWF) Incentive Program
Application Period Closed on October 30, 2015
Program Forms
Funding Criteria Document (PDF)
Funding Application Form
Reimbursement Checklist
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is again offering funding to qualified residents for the removal, or removal and replacement, of older, dirtier outdoor wood-fired furnaces (OWFs) with newer, cleaner units.
During the initial round of the Good Deals for Good Neighbors program, DEEP funded awards totaling $68,000 which resulted in the successful removal of a number of older, dirtier and improperly sited OWFs. 
With the success of the first round of grants and continued interest in the program, DEEP is offering a second round of funding. Under the Good Deals for Good Neighbors program, DEEP will fund awards in the amounts of $3,000 and $6,000 for removal or removal and replacement of OWFs, respectively. Review the funding criteria and application form to determine if you qualify for funding under this program.
{Frequently Asked Questions}
Why are we doing this?
Wood smoke contains many pollutants including fine particulates and air toxics, which can have adverse health effects on people that breathe the smoke. OWFs are also one of the air pollution sources people complain about most.  It is imperative for us all to be good neighbors and eliminate or reduce wood burning in an effort to limit the amount of wood smoke produced. One way to minimize pollution from wood smoke is to promote the use of cleaner, more efficient OWFs.
What is EPA doing to address OWFs?
On March 16, 2015, the EPA finalized its air emissions standards for residential wood heaters that would, among other things, establish the first standards for OWFs (hydronic heaters). The new rule phases in emission limits over a five year period, beginning in 2015.
{1 Old OWF emits the same particulate emissions as: 4 Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks, 18 Certified Wood Stoves, 200 Oil Furnaces, or 8,000 Natural Gas Furnaces!} Who is eligible to apply?
Any Connecticut resident who wants to remove or replace their older outdoor wood-fired furnace that does not meet Connecticut siting and stack requirements and/or has more than 0.32 lb/MMBtu heat output.  Review the Funding Criteria Document for more details.
What type of wood heaters qualify for this program?
Currently, only outdoor wood-fired furnaces (see Funding Application Form for definition) are eligible for the Good Deals for Good Neighbors program.  This program does not cover indoor wood-fired forced air furnaces or indoor wood stoves.
How is the Good Deals for Good Neighbors program funded?
The program is funded through a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) resulting from an interstate air pollution case against American Electric Power Service Corporation, a Midwestern power generator.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to Lakiesha Christopher at or by phone at (860) 424-3189.

Content Last Updated November 3, 2015