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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Maps
{EV Charging Station Maps}
Do you want to buy an electric vehicle but do not know where public charging stations are located?
Do you own an electric vehicle and need to top off while you shop?
EVConnecticut's goal is to have an EV charging station within 10 minutes of wherever you are in CT.
Use the maps below to locate the nearest publicly available EV Charging Stations!
CT is now a "range confident" state.  This map indicates up-to-date locations of publicly accessible EV charging stations in CT and includes a list of all the public charging stations.  This map is updated at least monthly as new publicly accessible charging stations come on-line. 
Use this interactive map to locate alternative fueling station locations throughout CT and also the United States.  This map is typically updated on a bi-monthly basis.  Provided by the US Department of Energy.
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Content Last Updated on April 16, 2015