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Open Burning Online Training Program and Exam
The purpose of the State’s Open Burning Training Program is to assist municipalities in meeting the certification requirements for an Open Burning Official and in the administration of an Open Burning Program at the local level. Per Connecticut General Statutes Section 22a-174(f), the Chief Executive Officer of each municipality is responsible for nominating all local Open Burning Officials.
The Training Program covers a broad range of legal, administrative and program specific topics relevant to regulating the control of open burning at the State and local levels. To become certified, nominated individuals are required to complete all of the State’s online Open Burning training modules and then, take and pass an online exam. All nominated individuals must be certified by the Commissioner of CT DEEP or his/her duly authorized representative.
Instructions: The training modules are presented as PowerPoint presentations with narration. Modules are self-paced and individuals can access them at their convenience. The modules are available through the links in the first column of the table below, while printable versions of the modules and audio scripts are available in the last column. The required online certification exam is available at the bottom of the table below. 
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 Training Modules
Printable Version
All files are PDFs
(Time: 41:16)
Module covers relevant Connecticut General Statutes and Regulations concerning open burning; and includes a discussion on the importance of having locally enacted Open Burning Ordinances.
(Time: 50:38)
Module covers the process by which an individual is nominated, trained, and certified as a local Open Burning Official, and outlines his/her related duties and responsibilities.
(Time: 1:00:12)
Module covers the process by which the local Open Burning Official evaluates permit applications. Presents a model application/permit, and outlines the responsibilities of the permit holder.
(Time: 1:39:37)
Module covers the remaining types of open burning activities that can be permitted by a local Open Burning Official authorized under Connecticut General Statutes Section 22a-174(f).
(Time: 38:47)
Module covers the process by which a municipality may apply for a permit authorized by CT DEEP for the burning of brush at municipal landfills, municipal transfer stations, and municipal recycling centers.
(Time: 57:32)
Module covers the process by which open burning violations are enforced at the State and local levels.
Exam consists of twenty questions which include both multiple choice and true or false questions. A passing score is 90% or better. The exam should not be started until you have completed all six training modules above.
Questions regarding the content of the training modules and/or the certification process:
DEEP Open Burning Program
Technical questions regarding the training modules:
UConn Health Center-BMC
Do you have questions, concerns or complaints regarding open burning, nuisance odors or smoke created by such burning on residential properties?
Please contact your local Open Burning Official, or Fire Marshal by accessing their contact information through your city or town's website: Towns & Cities in Connecticut.
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