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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive Program & Resources
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EVConnecticut Incentives for Municipalities and State Agencies (Round 3)
Municipal/State Agency Proposal Form for EV Charging Station Projects 
in PDF and Word (fillable)--Closes April 28, 2015
EVConnecticut Incentives for Private Businesses (Round 5)
Private Business Proposal Form for EV Charging Station Projects in PDF and Word (fillable)
--Closed November 5, 2014 
         Future EV Charging incentives will be announced here.
Charging Station Equipment Vendors on DAS State Contract
Contract 13PSX0316 on Connecticut's State Contracting portal
Other Funding Opportunities for Municipalites & State Agencies
         Use your Municipalities energy efficiency & renewable
         energy points for EV Charging stations
The CT Department of Transportation has funding available to public entities that want to add alternative fuel vehicles (hybrid, electric, natural gas, propane) to their fleet operations. 
Closes April 30, 2015
Grant Recipient Information
Federal Tax Credits
While this specific credit has been extended through December 31, 2014; it will remain posted until the federal tax filing deadline. 
Benefits of Having an EV in Connecticut
Electric vehicles have an annual registration fee of $19, a savings of $47 over the registration of a conventional vehicle!
This fee structure was established in P.A. 11-6 and took effect January 1, 2013.
EV Charging Station Resource List
DEEP has compiled an EV Charging Station Resource List which lists companies who are available to provide Electric Vehicle charging equipment or installation to the public.
If you are a company/business that sells or installs electric vehicle charging equipment and would like to be listed in EV Charging Station Resource List please send a completed Electric Vehicle Station Resource Registration (Word , PDF ) to
NOTE: Inclusion on the list of electric vehicle charging station resources does not represent an endorsement by DEEP or the State of Connecticut for any of the companies listed or products provided.  This list is meant as a public service.
Helpful EV Charging Station Information
These guidelines are a detailed description of the process for procuring and installing EV charging stations at CT state-owned facilities.  It contains helpful information for facility and fleet managers, ranging from how many chargers you may need, based on demand; to what charger level is better suited for your user base. 
Siting and Design Guidelines For Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment  
This document presents guidelines for EV charging site design and analysis of installation scenarios.  Provided by the Transportation and Climate Initiative.
This document assists stakeholder in advancing EV-readiness and offers a suite of recommendations for consideration, adaption and potential adoption by local governments.  This is a collaborative project under the leadership of the Association of Bay Area Governments.
This document is ideal for multiple housing units that are contained within one building or multiple buildings within a complex or community.  Provided by California Plug-in Vehicle Collaborative
Discover manufacturers of electric vehicle charging station equipment.  Provided by
This document provides specifications for parking restriction signs, which may be posted at parking places reserved for EV charging.  A reserved parking message may be painted on the pavement, with or without signs.
Please contact us at if you have questions or need further information.
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