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EVConnecticut is a partnership between the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Department of Transportation working to introduce more electric vehicles into Connecticut. Connecticut's cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy future depends on electric vehicles putting us on a path toward greater energy independence.



EVConnecticut offers a hydrogen and electric vehicle purchase rebate and also EV charging station incentives to municipal and state agencies and private businesses. In addition there are multiple federal and state programs that offer additional incentives.

Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR)

Connecticut Green Bank Special Offer on Nissan Leaf

EV Charging Station Incentive Programs

Eversource Electric Vehicle Rate Program

Volkswagen Settlement Information

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Widespread availability of both public and workplace EV charging are reasons why we are a "range confident" state. Find out more about workplace charging and installation of EV charging stations and Join the Network!

Destination Electric

EV Charging 101

Workplace Charging

EV Charging Station Resources

How to Report a Broken Charger

Join the Network!

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Electric Vehicles

Learn more about EVs in Connecticut. Discover the benefits of owning an electric vehicle and why they are so important for Connecticut.

Drive Change. Drive Electric

Electric Vehicles 101

Honey, We Should Get an Electric Car!

Electric Vehicle Benefits

Clean Cities

Transportation Challenges

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CT's Path to a Clean Vehicle Future

Discover how Governor Malloy is moving Connecticut down the path to a clean fuel and clean vehicle future. In 2014, Connecticut and seven other states comitted to putting 3.3 million EVs on their roads by 2025! And most recently, in 2015, Connecticut joined 12 European and North American governments as founding partners of an international alliance to accelerate global adoption of ZEVs.

International ZEV Alliance

Multi-State Action Plan

Connecticut's Comprehensive Energy Strategy

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Content Last Updated: August 1, 2019