DEEP: Ozone Planning Efforts

Ozone Planning Efforts

Planning for air pollution is a collaborative and iterative process. As the health science improves, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews and if necessary revises the health based standards (known as NAAQS). This revision begins a cycle of planning for each state agency to determine the status compared to the standard; evaluate the programs and strategies necessary to ensure maintaining or attaining the standard; implementing the standards and evaluating if those strategies have been effective. Below are DEEP's planning efforts and EPA responses for each standard.
2015 NAAQS


2008 NAAQS
  {2008 standard boundaries}
RACT Under the 2008 NAAQS (CT DEEP Website)
 1997 NAAQS
  {1997 Standard Boundaries}
 1979 NAAQS
  {1979 Standard Boundaries}

1-hour Ozone Mid-Course Review Cover Letter to EPA: January 10, 2005 (PDF)

1-hour Ozone Mid-Course Review Technical Report: January 10, 2005 (PDF)

SIP dated October 15, 2001

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