DEEP: Ozone Action Day

What is an Ozone Action Day?

{Ozone Action Day}

An Ozone Action Day is a day where an exceedance of the federal 8-hour ozone standard is forecasted. On Ozone Action Days, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection asks the community to take simple, voluntary actions to help reduce ground-level ozone and in turn help prevent an exceedance of the federal standard.

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Drive Less

  • Walk or ride a bicycle
  • Use public transportation
  • Combine errands
  • Join a carpool or vanpool

Be a Smart Driver

  • Drive at fuel-saving, moderate speeds
  • Tune your car regularly
  • Avoid idling
  • Test vehicle emissions on time
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In the Yard

  • Use electric or hand powered equipment
  • Reduce use of garden chemicals

Around the House

  • Buy environmentally-friendly cleaners
  • Avoid using aerosol products
  • Select water-based paint


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Content Last Updated on January 30, 2013