DEEP: Lawn Equipment Exchange Fund

Lawn Equipment Exchange Fund
The LEEF program ended in the fall of 2012. The project report detailing the statistics, highlights, and challenges of the program was completed by Eastern Research Group, Inc., on December 4, 2012. The final report is available at: LEEF final Report.

The individual awards were based on the cost effectiveness of each proposed equipment exchange’s air quality benefits.  DEEP estimated emission benefits using an Environmental Protection Agency Model with the cost and utilization factors provided in submitted applications. Within the cost effectiveness framework, other factors incorporated into award allocations including caps on the number of exchanges (8) awarded and the amount of reimbursement ($25,000) awarded per municipality, as well as consideration of designated environmental justice communities.

The enrollment application deadline for this program was December 10, 2010, although some municipalities were able to participate in an abbreviated round of applications in the spring of 2011. On March 24, 2011, awards were announced, and the final payments to municipalities were made by August 2012. 

The LEEF program reports are available below. No new awards are anticipated as the program funds are depleted.
 Content last updated on December 27, 2012