DEEP: FOIA/File Review - Office of Adjudications

Office of Adjudications

Procedure for Adjudications File Review and Requests for Copies of Document, Recordings, or Transcripts

To the extent that the files of the Office of Adjudications may be considered public files subject to disclosure under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, General Statutes 1 -200,  et seq., the following procedures shall apply.  See also 1-212.

  1. Files shall be available for review by appointment on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Office of Adjudications, 79 Elm Street, 3rd floor, Hartford.  To request an appointment, please contact the office at (860) 424-3037 or or via facsimile at (860) 424-4053. No appointments shall be available when the Office is closed for the observance of a state or federal holiday.   
  2. All requests to review files or for copies of documents or recordings shall be made in a signed letter or on a form furnished by the Office of Adjudications.  The letter or form must specify the documents or recordings requested in as much detail as necessary for adequate identification. Copies not immediately available will be made available to be collected at the Office of Adjudications. Letters or completed forms may be submitted in person, via e-mail (, by facsimile to (860)-424-4053 or mailed to the Office of Adjudications, 79 Elm Street, 3rd floor, Hartford, CT 06106.
  3. Only Hearing Officers or Office staff shall pull and return files.
  4. The cost for copies of documents is $.25 per page (each side of a double-sided copy).  The cost for certified copies is $1.00 for the first page and $.50 per page thereafter. The fee for copies of documents or recordings stored electronically is $1.00 for each CD-R/W and $2.00 for each DVD.  The cost for copies of documents or recordings maintained on digital media or audio/video media shall also include the cost of any time spent formatting or programming the media for copying. The market cost of the storage device or media (other than CDs or DVDs) on which the copy is provided will be added to the cost and will depend on the media on which documents/recordings are stored.  Those requesting copies will be asked to prepay any charges before receiving copies.
  5. Exceptions to certain procedures may be made at the discretion of the Hearing Officer and/or Director of the Office of Adjudications.

Content last updated January 2012