DEEP: Connecticut Revolutionary Dealer Awards Presented to Connecticut Car Dealers in New Haven and Westport

2014 Press Release
September 18, 2014
Connecticut REVolutionary Dealer Awards Presented to Connecticut Car Dealers in New Haven and Westport
Awards presented as part of “Electric Vehicle (EV) Day at the Capitol”

Automobile dealers in New Haven and Westport are the first-ever recipients of the Connecticut REVolutionary Dealer Award recognizing automobile dealers who sold or leased the highest number of electric vehicles (EVs) – including plug-in hybrids – from February 1 - July 31, 2014.  Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association (CARA) presented the awards today at a ceremony in the Legislative Office Building, Hartford.  The award winners are – New Country Toyota of Westport and A1 Toyota of New Haven.
“Connecticut’s energy strategy is all about bringing cheaper, cleaner, more reliable power for our residents and our businesses – and electric vehicles and alternative vehicles can help us get there,” Governor Dannel P. Malloy said.  “This will make a real difference – EVs are not only cheaper to operate, but they dramatically reduce the emissions that pollute our air, harm the health of our citizens, and contribute to climate change.”

“This award recognizes the leadership and good work of licensed Connecticut new car dealers who are so critical to putting Connecticut on the road to a cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy future,” said Commissioner Robert J. Klee, “Increasing consumer awareness of EVs is an important step along the path to promoting ownership of EVs that, in larger numbers, will improve our energy security, drive down the money we spend on gasoline, and improve air quality in Connecticut.”
“CARA is excited to partner with DEEP in this joint recognition program,” said Jim Fleming, President of CARA, “Auto dealers are critical partners in putting Connecticut on the road to clean fuels and clean vehicles because they are the first and most critical “hands-on” point of contact with prospective new car purchasers, some of whom may not have heard about the newest and most exciting transportation technologies.”
Background on EV Day at the Capitol
“EV Day at the Capitol” is part of the national drive electric week effort to promote awareness and benefits of electric vehicle ownership.  This event will include an awards ceremony followed by a panel discussion on the economic, environmental and energy benefits of the latest automobile technology innovations.  From Noon – 2:00 p.m., on the North Capitol Grounds and in Bushnell Park, ten EVs will be available for test drives and many more will be on display.
“EV Day at the Capitol” is also part of Governor Malloy's efforts to provide cleaner, cheaper and more reliable transportation energy and to support our clean air goals by putting 3.3 million electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles on the road by 2025.
Background on Electric Vehicles
All-electric vehicles (often referred to as electric vehicles or EVs) are powered by fuel cells or plugging in to the grid, storing the electricity in batteries, and are powered by electric motors.   Plug- in hybrid electric vehicles have both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.
These cars, driven in the electric mode, have no tailpipe emissions.  Because Connecticut has one of the cleanest electricity-production portfolios in the United States, electric cars driven in our state will be responsible for significantly less air pollution than gasoline or diesel fuel-powered cars.
Electric vehicles are also cheaper to operate than conventionally-fueled vehicles.  A recent federal Department of Energy study shows that the cost of operating an electric vehicle in Connecticut is the equivalent of purchasing gasoline in the range of $1.60 - $2.00/gallon.  Other cost savers of electric cars are that they are virtually maintenance-free and are exempt from Connecticut’s emissions testing program if they do not use range extending gasoline engines.
Background on The Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association (CARA)
The Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association is a statewide trade association representing over 250 franchised new car and truck dealerships primarily engaged in the retail sale of new and used motor vehicles, both foreign and domestically produced.