DEEP: DEEP Presents GreenCircle Awards

2013 Press Release
November 21, 2013
DEEP Presents GreenCircle Awards

23 Recipients Recognized for Environmental Achievements

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) today recognized 23 Connecticut businesses and individuals for their efforts to protect the environment and natural resources during a GreenCircle awards ceremony at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wallingford.  
GreenCircle Program
“For the past 15 years, GreenCircle Awards have called attention to the voluntary efforts of businesses, organizations, and individuals, that have played a very real role in improving the environment of our state,” said Daniel C. Esty, Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  “Through the GreenCircle awards we are able to recognize the good works being done by so many people to improve the quality of life in Connecticut and build a sustainable future for our state.” 
Since the Agency launched the GreenCircle Award Program, approximately 1050 individuals, businesses, schools and organizations have been recognized for making a real difference in preserving natural resources and protecting the quality of the state’s air, water and lands. 
GreenCircle award winners have had a positive impact on the environment over the past 15 years by focusing on reducing energy and water consumption, increasing recycling at their businesses, promoting conservation efforts and offering educational programming for students and families. Projects recognized by GreenCircle awards have helped reduce: 
  • Water use by more than 646,000,000 gallons each year (municipal, river and/or well water);
  • Air emissions by 13,000,000 pounds each year;
  • Hazardous waste generation by more than 1,000,000 pounds each year (including 750+ pounds of elemental mercury);
  • Spent solvents by more than 920,000 gallons each year; and
  • Solid waste by more than 9200 tons each year.
An analysis of the GreenCircle Awards shows that businesses, municipalities, civic organizations and individuals are moving towards more environmentally friendly life decisions such as:
  • Business compliance with ISO 1400l Certification requirements;
  • Installation of “closed loop systems” to avoid the discharge of contaminants and hazardous materials into rivers and streams;
  • Increased recycling of solvents, hazardous waste, solid waste and electronic equipment;
  • Major reductions in electricity consumption;
  • Purchasing of  “Green-E” energy;  and
  • Construction of more environmentally friendly buildings such as LEED certified buildings.
GreenCircle recipients are presented a certificate of commendation and recognized publicly for their efforts.  The GreenCircle Program is an on-going award program and award categories are for both common and innovative activities in the environmental field.  For a list of GreenCircle award recipients and a description of the program, visit the DEEP website at: