DEEP: Connecticut DEEP Announces New Hunting and Trapping Regulations

August 28, 2013
Connecticut DEEP Announces New Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Regulations will be effective for the upcoming fall hunting season
Crossbows are now legal
Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) today announced that a number of proposed changes to hunting and trapping regulations were approved by the Legislative Regulations Review Committee on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.  The regulations are effective upon filing with the Secretary of State and will be implemented for the upcoming fall 2013 hunting seasons.
Major changes for hunters include:
  • Adding crossbows as legal archery equipment
  • Expanding junior deer and turkey hunter training opportunities
  • Allowing muzzle loading firearms during the shotgun/rifle deer seasons
  • Providing an orange clothing exemption for predator hunters
  • Changing the methods for tagging game birds taken during regulated activities
  • Adjusting the crow hunting season dates
In addition, the new regulations will establish specific protections for snapping turtles by designating seasons, size/bag limits, gear restrictions, and other measures designed to ensure the long-term viability of Connecticut turtle populations.
“The timing of these new regulations could not have been better,” said Bill Hyatt, Chief of DEEP’s Bureau of Natural Resources. “Hunters are gearing up for an exciting fall season, with fall archery deer and turkey seasons fast approaching on September 16.” 
 The changes are not currently published in the 2013 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, but will be included in the 2014 guide, which is in production. Details of the changes will be published soon on the hunting and trapping section of the DEEP’s website at
 The regulations were the subject of a public hearing held on January 3, 2013. For a summary of the public hearing comments and final regulations wording, visit the DEEP website at