DEEP: Governor Malloy Statement on President Obama's Climate Change Initiative

June 25, 2013
Governor Malloy Statement on President Obama's Climate Change Initiative
Governor Dannel P. Malloy today released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s initiative to address climate change:
“President Obama has courageously charted an aggressive and innovative course to address one of the most challenging and pressing issues of our time – climate change.
“While it is fashionable in some circles to deride climate change, scientific evidence speaks clearly to the fact that temperatures are warming, sea levels are rising, and storms are growing more frequent and severe – all at a time when carbon emissions from human activity on our planet continue to reach new record highs.
“As President Obama stressed today, it’s time for our nation to step forward to address this challenge – and to assume international leadership on this issue.  Every American should be proud of the President for recognizing that our future, and that of children and grandchildren, depends on us taking action right now – and for proposing steps to do exactly that.
“Here in Connecticut, we have been pursuing a new energy agenda designed to bring cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable power to the people and businesses of our state.  It is an agenda that will bring down both the cost of electricity and heat and the level of carbon emissions we produce.
“Our energy agenda is very much aligned with plans laid out today by the President.  As is the President, we are focused on energy efficiency to reduce the amount of fuel that is burned to generate heat and electricity.  We are addressing carbon emissions from facilities that produce electricity – one of the single largest sources of greenhouse gases – through our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  And we are attracting private capital to spur innovation and finance the deployment of emissions-free renewable energy sources in our state, which is leading to a ten-fold increase this year in power produced by solar, fuel cells, wind, and other clean technologies in our state.
“Connecticut is emerging as a national model for what it takes to build a clean energy future that is responsive to ratepayers and the need to grow our economy and create jobs.  The initiatives that the President has offered today will support our efforts and put Connecticut and the entire nation on a path to a more secure and sustainable future.”
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