DEEP: Statement of DEEP Concerning the Search for Eric Langlois

June 16, 2013
Statement of DEEP Concerning the Search for Eric Langlois
Everyone at DEEP understands that this is an emotional and sad time for friends, family, and colleagues of Eric Langlois. Our hearts go out to them.
Since Eric was first reported missing Tuesday evening, DEEP's Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police have mounted an extensive all-out search for him on land, water and by air. This effort involved the support and assistance of many other outstanding local, regional, state search and rescue organizations as well as countless volunteers. Everything possible has been done to find Eric or recover his body, unfortunately without the success we all hoped for.
After carefully evaluating the situation, and conferring with State Police and other local and regional search partners, EnCon Police have determined that they will now scale back the intensity of the search for Eric Langlois.
EnCon Police will continue to make periodic sweeps of the lake and the surrounding area on foot and by boat. EnCon will also continue to follow up on any new information and developments and we will stay in close contact with the family.
EnCon Police thank all of those who participated in or provided support for this search in what has been a remarkable outpouring of support for Eric's family.