DEEP: DEEP Announces New Connecticut Angler’s Guide Photo Contest

April 12, 2013
DEEP Announces New Connecticut Angler’s Guide Photo Contest
Upcoming great “photo ops” include Opening Day, April 20th, and Free Fishing Day, May 11th
This year be sure to pack your camera in your tackle box so you can snap a quick photo and prevent the dreaded “one that got away” phenomenon. As a picture is worth a thousand words, Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Inland and Marine Fisheries Divisions are looking to share your fish stories with your fellow anglers by welcoming you to submit your best fishing-related digital photos to us via email at

DEEP is looking for high resolution digital photos that appeal to a diversity of anglers and the general public. Submitted photos must be outdoor scenes that include one or more people fishing or displaying their catch. Images should be in sharp focus and have good color contrast.  Those of sufficient quality and resolution will be considered for the grand prize, being featured on the cover of the 2014 Connecticut Angler’s Guide. Contest information and submittal forms can be found online at

“We have a wide range of excellent fishing opportunities here in Connecticut,” said Bill Hyatt, chief of DEEP’s Bureau of Natural Resources. “We hope that through this contest, we’ll receive a diverse collection of digital photographs that capture the true essence and broad scope of Connecticut’s fisheries resources.”

There are several dates coming up this spring that are guaranteed to provide numerous photo taking opportunities. Opening Day of trout season is April 20th. “Not only is Opening Day the busiest fishing day of the year, it’s also a tradition for many families to get together for a day of fishing and enjoying the outdoors,” said Hyatt.

Also coming up this spring is “Free Fishing Day” on May 11, when anyone can fish without needing a fishing license. This is a great opportunity for anglers to introduce others to the experience of fishing, and DEEP and a number of fishing organizations will be running events that day.

In addition to possible use in the Connecticut Angler’s Guide, submitted photos, with credit to the photographer, may be used by CT DEEP for display on a variety of fisheries outreach materials including press releases, web pages, Facebook, educational materials and other publications.

For additional information contact Mike Beauchene at 860-424-4185 or email
Grand prize:   Consideration for the cover of the 2014 CT DEEP Angler’s Guide
Runner(s) up:  Inclusion within the CT DEEP Angler’s Guide
Submit by:         November 1st 2013
Submit to: (digital photographs only please)
  1. The digital photo must be of someone fishing or of the lucky angler with a fish captured within Connecticut waters following all state fishing rules and regulations
  2. Accompanying each photo must be the 2014 Angler’s Guide Photo Contest Submission Form which includes authorization and release for use of each photograph. The form is available for download from