DEEP: Connecticut DEP Opens Two New Cabins For Campers At Hammonasset State Park

May 13, 2008

Connecticut DEP Opens Two New Cabins
for Campers at Hammonasset State Park

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today unveiled two new cabins at Hammonasset State Park, Madison that will provide campers with a new and more comfortable camping experience.

The two-room cabins can accommodate up to six people and are located adjacent to Chases Pond, overlooking the expansive fields leading to West Beach. Reservations for the two cabins can now be made through Reserve America at

DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy said, "These two cabins open a new era in our effort to serve campers. They offer many amenities that will be especially attractive to those seeking some additional comfort in the outdoors or for those who may not have all of the gear required for more traditional camping. "

"DEP is working hard," McCarthy said, "to encourage families and youngsters to spend more time outdoors. That is a central element of our ‘No Child Left Inside’ initiative. In these tough economic times there is no better bargain then spending time in our state parks and state park campgrounds. These new cabins at Hammonasset will be a popular new addition to what we have to offer at our parks."

Details on Hammonasset Camping Cabins

The cabins at Hammonasset are the first in the state park campground system. Each of the 14-foot x 17-foot cabins features two rooms and sleeping for six people (two sets of bunk beds rear room, one double bed front room with mattresses, no linens). The cabins also include a nightstand, rustic table, four chairs, electricity and a six-foot covered porch with a six-foot extension out on to a landing for an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible ramp.

A pathway from the cabins leads directly to the boardwalk and provides easy access to the two and a half miles of pristine beachfront.

The cabins were assembled by park staff from a kit at a cost of approximately $20,000 each. The cabins were funded from a state park "enterprise account," which is a special fund that provides incentives for the parks division to build revenue generating programs.

The cabins can be reserved for a minimum of seven (7) days and a maximum of fourteen (14) days. Cabins are available from 1 PM Sunday afternoon to 11 AM Sunday AM. The rental rate is $35/night. There is also a $50 refundable security deposit required at check-in, which is returned if the cabin is in proper condition at check-out time.

Camping at Hammonasset

  • Hammonasset Beach has 558 campsites
  • Hammonasset Beach hosts about 200,000 campers per season.

Camping at Connecticut’s State Parks

  • CT State park and forest recreation areas have 14 campgrounds
  • There are about 1,400 campsites available for public use at state parks and forests
  • More than 465,000 people camped at a state park campground last year.
  • Reservations for a campsite – and the two new cabins at Hammonasset – can be booked online at

Camping Fees at Connecticut’s State Park Campgrounds

  • CT Resident
  • Inland No Water $11 
  • Inland Water $13
  • Shore $15

  • Non Resident
  • Inland No Water $16
  • Inland Water $18
  • Shore $20