DEEP: Bear Research Continued through Summer

Bear Research Continued through Summer
Adapted from an article that appeared in the September/October 2002 issue of  Connecticut Wildlife.

{Tagged black bear being released from culvert trap.}
This bear, trapped at the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, was equipped with a radio collar and marked with ear tags before being released.

Wildlife Division biologists have been trapping, marking and releasing black bears over the summer, primarily in northwest Connecticut, with financial assistance from the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program (WCRP). Since June 2002, a total of 19 black bears (12 males, 7 females) have been marked with colored ear tags and released. Six of the females and one male have radio collars attached around their necks so that information about home range and habitat can be collected. 

Bait stations and culvert traps are deployed on state forest and wildlife management area properties where frequent bear activity has been reported. Bait stations and traps are marked with signs to let people know that they are near a DEP research project. Research areas should not be disturbed. 

Participation by the public in reporting bear sightings, along with ear tag numbers and colors is extremely helpful. The DEP encourages anyone who sees a bear to report it to the Wildlife Division at (860) 675-8130 or (860) 424-3011.

{logo} This project made possible by a grant from the
Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program.