DEEP: Flood and Hurricane Information for Inland Watercourses and Wetlands

Flood and Hurricane Information for Inland Watercourses and Wetlands
Permitting and guidance information regarding Hurricane Irene flood and clean-up issues from the Inland Water Resource Division (IWRD):
Diversion of Water
IWRD may issue emergency authorizations to aid recovery from catastrophic weather-related damages. Typical activities receiving emergency authorization through IWRD include work in wetlands or watercourses for diversion of water for a public water supply, or dam / bridge repair.

Receiving an emergency authorization begins with a phone call to IWRD (860) 424-3019 and should be followed up with the submittal of a written request sent to the division director, Denise Ruzicka []. To be eligible your activity must be necessary to prevent, abate or mitigate an imminent threat to human health or the environment and must be consistent with certain federal laws. Refer to Section 22a-6k of the General Statutes for more information.  Authorization for your eligible emergency-related activity can be issued within 24-hours. 
Stream Channel Encroachment Line and Dam Safety
IWRD may issue emergency authorizations to aid recovery from catastrophic weather-related damages. Emergency authorizations may be issued for repairs to structures, embankments, dams, roadways and bridges that would have typically required a Inland Wetlands, Stream Channel Encroachment Line, Water Diversion and / or Dam Safety permit from the Inland Water Resources Division. To be eligible, the repair must be necessary to prevent hazards to life, health, or the environment. If an emergency authorization is needed, please call IWRD at telephone number (860) 424-3019 to discuss the information required for the authorization.
Storm Debris
No permits are needed for Hurricane Irene related clean-up for storm debris removal or temporary shoring of materials for IWRD regulated inland waters.
National Flood Insurance Program
NFIP Guidance Letter - Information to municipalities about FEMA National Flood Insurance Program from CT DEEP Flood Managment Section
U.S. Army Corp Announcement
U.S. Army Corp Announcement - Public information announcement regarding Hurricane Irene storm damage repair for waters under federal jurisdiction (New England District)
Preparation for a Flood or Emergency

Floods are a common hazard in the United States and can develop slowly during an extended period of rain or rapidly, sometimes in just a few minutes. Preparation for flooding is important no matter where you live, but particularly if you are in a low-lying area, near water, or downstream from a dam. Even very small streams, gullies, creeks, or depressions that appears harmless can flood.
The following links from government and NGO agencies can provide you with simple preparation methods to minimize the impact of flooding or other hazards. – Community service info provided by the United Way of CT
CDC – Flood readiness information from the U.S. Center for Disease Control
Flood and Hurricane Preparation Information from FEMA – Information on preparing for flooding events including details on an Emergency Kit and a Family Emergency Plan
Are You Ready? (pdf) – General citizen’s guide to disaster preparation from FEMA
Mitigation Measures for Flood prone Structures  - FEMA guide for town mitigation projects that reduce or eliminate identified risks for flood prone structures            
After a Flood

After a flood, you may need assistance, information, or services.  Here are some links that may be of assistance:
Dam Safety – CT DEEP group responsible for most dams in CT
Flood Management Group – CT DEEP group responsible for state facilitated FEMA funding for municipalities
CT Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security – CT site with general emergency information and emergency service organizations
Public Safety – CT State Police, Fire and Emergency Services – Shelter, evacuation, and other community service information, dial 2-1-1
FEMA and the Disaster Assistance site – This federal disaster assistance site provides information to individuals who have been impacted by a flood or other hazard
Environmental Data: Weather, Hydrology, and Mapping   
NOAA National Weather Service – Comprehensive weather information
Intellicast - Commercial weather site
Accuweather – Commercial weather site
River Information
NOAA River Gauge –  Real time river data with hydrographs
USGS Water Watch – Maps of high flow & flooding locations, and real-time stream flow
CT ECO – Comprehensive CT GIS, remote sensing, and geospatial site
Public Information
Connecticut Network – State of CT TV network
State of Connecticut – Main CT government site
Governor Malloy’s Office -  Source of public information
Road Travel
Utility Information
Customer Service Number:
1-800-286-2000 (860-947-2000 in Hartford/Meriden area)
Customer Service Number: 1-800-286-5000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-7-CALL-UI (1-800-722-5584)

Content last updated July 2012