DEEP: Water Planning Council

Water Planning Council

Mission statement
The Water Planning Council will identify issues and strategies which bridge the gap between the water supply planning process and water resources management in order that water can be appropriately allocated to balance competing needs while protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people of Connecticut and minimizing adverse economic and environmental effects.
The Water Planning Council (WPC, or Council) consists of 4 members from 3 state agencies: the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP); Department of Public Health (DPH); and the Office of Policy and Management (OPM). The Council convened its first meeting on October 22, 2001 to study eleven issues identified by the Legislature regarding water company management and natural resource management. The WPC identified 26 Action Items during its initial meetings and twelve of these Action Items have been completed.  Many of the remaining Action Items are of a permanent, ongoing nature. The Council continues to meet regularly, and an update of each action item may be found in the most current annual report.
The WPC initially established three Committees to investigate specific issues identified in PA 01-177 and submitted an Issues Work Plan to the Legislature on January 28, 2002. The three committees were, the Water Resource Management Committee, Water Utility Committee, and the Technical Management Committee. The three Committees, co-chaired by representatives of 3 state agencies, each formed two subcommittees co-chaired by stakeholders performing the research and analysis laid out in the WPC Issues Work Plan. The charge given to the subcommittees was to address the issues in accordance with the WPC Issues Work Plan and submit a report to the WPC offering an analysis and recommendations.
The Water Allocation Policy Planning Model developed by the Water Resource Allocation subcommittee in 2002 and the remaining Action Items continue to be the foundation for the WPC's 2011 and future work plans. 
Water Planning Council reports and committee reports as well as meeting agendas, minutes, and schedules can be downloaded at
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