DEEP: Water Quality Reclassification

Water Quality Reclassification
All the waters, both surface waters and ground waters, of the state are currently assigned a classification. In accordance with section 22a-426(f) of the Connecticut General Statutes, a person may request a change in the surface or ground water quality classifications. Such reclassifications are considered on a case by case basis and must be consistent with the standards and criteria established by the Connecticut Water Quality Standards.

Ground Water Reclassifications

Applications for changes to ground water classifications are due March 30 of each year. The procedure is set out in section 22a-426(f) of the Connecticut General Statutes and the criteria for consideration are set out in Section 22a-426-7(k)(2) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.
Questions regarding ground water reclassifications may be directed to Corinne Fitting at (860) 424-3724 or

NEW - The Commissioner approved a revision of the ground water quality classifications for a site in the vicinity of 42 Pink Row, Montville. (Ground Water Reclassification Hearing December 1, 2016: Final Language and Statement of Reasons)
Archive of Ground Water Quality Reclassifications
Surface Water Reclassifications
For information on surface water reclassification, contact Traci Iott at (860) 424-3082 or 

Content last updated on December 13, 2016.