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Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Reports and Publications
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The Ambient Water Quality Monitoring and Assesment Program collects and interprets physical, chemical, and biological data from State waters.  One of the major functions of this program is to support designated use assessments, as required under the Federal Clean Water Act, and this is communicated through the Integrated Water Quality Report.  Another key role is to provide summary information of important program elements for use by DEEP and the public.   

Water Quality Monitoring Summary Reports and Fact Sheets
Biological Conditions Gradient - Definitions and Documentation 
Integrated Water Quality Report including Connecticut's Consolidated Assessment & Listing Methodology (CALM)
Quality Assurance Project Plans - QAPP, this is a partial listing of the QAPPs used by DEEP's Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Program, call DEEP at (860) 424-3047 for more information.
Ambient Fish Community QAPP (PDF)
Beach Monitoring and Notification Program QAPP (PDF)
Beach Sampling QAPP (PDF)
Rapid Bioassessment in Wadeable Streams by Volunteers QAPP
Standard Operating Proceedures: SOPs: