DEEP: Volunteer Opportunity for Citizens to Monitor Wadeable Streams and Rivers

A Volunteer Opportunity 
for Citizens to Monitor Wadeable Streams and Rivers

Connecticut has approximately 5,800 miles of streams and rivers that are monitored for their chemical, physical and biological health. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection would like to encourage volunteer groups to assist in monitoring the many streams and rivers and to report their findings to DEEPís Ambient Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Program. Monitoring that is performed to accepted standards supports activities of the DEEP by providing data and related expertise used in assessing surface water quality conditions and trends.

The document titled "A Tiered Approach for Citizen-Based Monitoring of Wadeable Streams and Rivers" (PDF, 820K) outlines the various options that are intended to encourage participation by volunteers having a wide range of skills and interest levels.  The tiered approach has been specifically developed by DEEP to ensure the best use of volunteer data. 

The 3 tiers of participation are:

    • Tier 1 - Observational Monitoring (e.g. photographs and written descriptions)
    • Tier 2 -  Statewide CT DEEP coordinated volunteer monitoring programs:
        • Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers (RBV) - RBV volunteers are trained to study aquatic macroinvertebrates in order to document Connecticutís healthiest streams.
        • Stream Temperature Monitoring Network (STeM) - STeM volunteers are trained to use data loggers to monitor stream temperature at one or more locations in their town or watershed.
    • Tier 3 - Waterbody-Specific Intensive Monitoring Plans

DEEP Volunteer Monitoring Coordinator
If your group would like DEEP to consider your monitoring data as part of the Stateís water quality assessment process, please contact the DEEP Volunteer Monitoring Coordinator prior to initiating your monitoring plan.  The Coordinator will work with your group to insure that your monitoring plan will produce data that conforms to DEEPís volunteer monitoring data submission requirements.

New groups interested in participating in DEEPís three-tiered volunteer monitoring program should contact the Coordinator to discuss which volunteer monitoring option best matches your groupís interest and skill level.  The Coordinator is available to provide monitoring training and technical assistance to volunteer monitoring groups on a limited basis.

Contact Information:
Meghan Lally
Volunteer Monitoring Coordinator
Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106-5127
(860) 424-3061

StreamVolMon Listserv
Volunteer stream and river monitors are encouraged to subscribe to the DEEP-StreamVolMon Listserv.

Listserv subscribers will receive email notifications of DEEP Volunteer Stream/River Monitoring Program announcements including new program updates, training opportunities, upcoming monitoring events, website updates, report releases, relevant grant and funding opportunities, and other information related to river and stream monitoring in Connecticut.

The listserv is intended to insure optimal generation and use of volunteer stream/river monitoring data by increasing awareness and understanding of DEEPís three-tiered volunteer monitoring.  The listserv is also intended to help foster a stronger volunteer river and stream monitoring network in Connecticut by encouraging increased collaboration and resource sharing.

To subscribe to the Listserv:

  1. Compose an email to from the email address you wish to have added.
  2. Leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message type:  
    Subscribe DEEP_StreamVolMon   YourFirstName  YourLastName  
    (Substitute your first and last name here.)
    Note: If you have an e-mail signature, header, and/or footer set up to be automatically included in emails, you will need to delete these before sending the subscribe request.
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirmation request. Follow the directions to confirm your email address. 
  4. You will then receive an e-mail that you have successfully subscribed to the listserv.

To unsubscribe from the Listserv:

  1. Compose an e-mail to
  2. Leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message type:
    Signoff DEEP_StreamVolMon
  3. Requests to unsubscribe must be sent from the same email account used when subscribing to the email list.
  4. You will then receive an e-mail that you have successfully unsubscribed from the list.
Contacting the Listserv Administrator:
If you are having trouble subscribing or unsubscribing from the listserv, or if you would like to suggest content for the listserv (e.g. upcoming monitoring training and event announcements), please contact the listserv administrator at

Content last updated January 2017.