DEEP: FY14 Request for Proposals for Nonpoint Source Management Grant Program

FY2014 Request for Proposals for the Nonpoint Source Management Grant Program
 Funded under Section 319(h) of the
Federal Clean Water Act

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) is now accepting proposals for the prevention, control and/or abatement of nonpoint source pollution. Under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act (§319 C.W.A.), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awards a grant annually to the CT DEEP to fund eligible projects that support the implementation of the Connecticut’s Nonpoint Source Management Program. These funds are limited; therefore, a competitive bid process is used to ensure that the most appropriate projects are selected for funding.  
The 2014 proposals must comply with the new Nonpoint Source Program and Grants Guidelines for States and Territories issued on April 12, 2013. These guidelines apply to all § 319-funded grant activities beginning in fiscal year 2014. 
The 2014 RFP continues to reflect the program's focus from prior years for project eligibility. DEEP continues implementing draft and final EPA 9 Element Watershed Based Plans throughout the state.  CWA Section 319 NPS project emphasis prioritizes implementing activities that will lead to measurable improvements to impaired waters. 
Proposals may be submitted by any interested Connecticut public or private organization (i.e. municipalities, nonprofit environmental organizations, regional water authorities/planning agencies, and watershed associations). Applicants are encouraged to partner with other public agencies. (i.e. Regional Planning Agencies partner with member municipalities). All proposals submitted for these funds must identify a 40% non-federal cash or in-kind services match. See below for guidelines for submitting project proposals and application form.

Schedule for awarding 2014 Section 319 funding:
Date  Activity

September 30, 2013

Proposals are due to DEEP

October 2013

DEEP NPS review committee reviews, ranks, and selects potential projects for FY2014.

May 2014

EPA provides final funding allocation to DEEP.

June 2014

DEEP sends out letters announcing which projects are selected for potential funding, with suggested changes for full project work plans and recommended funding level.

June 2014

Project applicants submit final project workplans.
July 2014

DEEP submits grant application and program workplan to EPA.

September 2014 EPA approves §319 grant application and DEEP prepares contracts/memo of understanding with project applicants.
Proposals submitted in response to the FY2014 RFP should be postmarked or received electronically by September 30, 2013.  (Electronic submittal is preferred)   Proposals postmarked, or received electronically after that date will not be considered for FY2014 funding.
Proposals should be emailed or mailed to Robert Hust. or
Robert Hust
CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
WPLR - Planning and Standards
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127
To obtain additional information on the CT DEP Nonpoint Source Management Grant Program, please contact your DEEP Watershed Manager:
  • Western Coastal, Central Coastal, and Connecticut Mainstem Manager: Chris Malik (860) 424-3959
  • Housatonic and Farmington Manager: Susan Peterson (860) 424-3854
  • Eastern Coastal, Thames, Salmon, and Eight Mile Manager: Eric Thomas (860) 424-3548
    FY2014 Nonpoint Source Management Grant Program - Requirements
  • Note:   If you do not use Microsoft Word and need the Request for Proposal Summary Form, please contact your DEEP Watershed Manager (see above contact information).

    Content last updated October 14, 2014