DEEP: CT Electronic Recycling Law, Requirements for Manufacturers

Electronics Manufacturer Requirements for
Compliance with Connecticut's
Electronics Recycling Law

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to Comply with the Law

In July of 2007, the State of Connecticut adopted a law concerning the recycling of household electronic waste (e-waste).  Codified in Sections 22a-629 through 22a-640 of the Connecticut General Statutes, this law requires manufacturers of electronics to participate in a program to finance the transportation and recycling of specific covered electronic devices (CEDs).  CEDs included in the law are computers, computer monitors, printers and televisions.  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has the authority to expand the list of CEDs through regulations.

Who is a Manufacturer?

The law is very specific in its definition of "manufacturer".  You are a manufacturer if you:

  • make or made CEDs under a brand that you own or owned;
  • make or made CEDs under a brand you license;
  • make or made CEDs without affixing a brand;
  • resell or have resold, under your own brand, a CED made by others;
  • make or made CEDs and supply or supplied such devices to any person within a distribution network that includes wholesalers or retailers;
  • are a retailer who sells CEDs under your own brand name;
  • are a retailer and sell CEDs acquired from an importer and chooses to register, in lieu of the importer, as the manufacturer of those devices; or
  • are an importer or exporter of CEDs.
All manufacturers of CEDs must:
  • clearly and permanently label their CEDs with the manufacturer's brand;
  • register with the DEEP annually;
  • pay DEEP an annual registration fee, and
  • finance the transportation and recycling of CEDs by participating in the state program and paying an approved recycler’s reasonable costs for transporting and recycling the CEDs attributed to the manufacturer.
Manufacturers may operate a private recycling program that complies with the requirements of the law. Manufacturers opreating a private collection program must file a description of the program with their annual registration.  They must also make information about their program readily available to any retailers that sell their CEDs.
Manufacturers have two options outlined below to complete the registration form. Both options are acceptable to DEEP for completing the registration form. Regardless of method used, please follow the instructions to ensure that the registration form is filled out completely and accurately, certified with an original signature in Part VII, and submitted with payment, as needed, to the address prescribed on page 5 of the registration form.
1) Manufacturer's may use the registration form and instructions linked below; or
Instructions    PDF
Registration Form  Word ; PDF
2) Manufacturers may take advantage of the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse's ("ERCC's") web-based "eCycle Registration" system. This system allows manufacturers to enter and store common information for use on multiple state registration forms, including Connecticut. For more information about eCycle Registration please contact Jason Linnell of ERCC.
Note: The same form is used for the initial (one-time) registration, any modification (registration revision) or the annual re-registration renewal.
Note: If a manufacturer's contact or billing information changes at any time following the submission of the initial or an annual re-registration, you may inform DEEP of these changes by simply emailing Paula Guerrera. For other instances when a manufacturer must submit to DEEP a completed modification form, see section 22a-638-1(o)(3)(A)&(B) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.
Note:  Under CT’s State-wide Electronics Recycling Program, any manufacturer that participates or utilizes a private recycling program is required to file with the CT DEEP a written description of the private program with its annual registration using the form above pursuant to section 22a-638-1(p) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.
E-Waste Regulations External Advisory Group  (October 2007 - January 2008) 

If you have any questions concerning Manufacturer requirements, please contact Mark Latham at 860-418-5930.

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