DEEP: Diagnostic and Therapeutic X-Ray Devices

Diagnostic and Therapeutic X-Ray Devices
(Medical X-Ray Devices)

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In Connecticut, there are thousands of facilities that use x-ray devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

The DEEP conducts a registration and inspection program of medical x-ray machines to ensure that:

  1. Exposure to the general public and employees are at safe levels.
  2. The facilities are in compliance with Connecticut's regulations.
  3. Exposure is kept as low as reasonably achievable while delivering the lowest practicable patient dose with the highest possible image quality.

All facilities must register their diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray devices prior to use and biennially thereafter in the month of April in the even numbered years or when there is a change in number or location of the devices. There is a registration fee of $190.00 per x-ray device.

The CTDEEP has revised the Medical X-Ray Registration application process to improve the quality and completeness of this Registration Program. In addition to other revisions listed below, the title of the Registration Form has been changed to Diagnostic and Therapeutic X-Ray Device Registration.

Preparation and Submittal of the Registration Form:

  {Link to EZ File}   is here!

The Radiation Division is proud to announce their new on-line Portal system (ezFile) for submitting your Diagnostic and Therapeutic X-Ray Registration.

So that you can take advantage of our new system please:

  1. Create your user account (please use Google Chrome). Refer to detailed instructions, if needed.

    Please note that: The Account Security PIN is only valid for 24 hours. If your PIN has expired, go to the Account Manager and select the "Register User" option from the right hand menu.

    If you do not receive the email, check your junk or spam folder and ask your IT department staff to check their spam folder. To help ensure you receive the email:

    Add to your email contacts list or whitelist.

    Request your IT department staff add to their email whitelist.

  2. You are ready to take advantage of ezFile, including;

    Copy Forward Function
    Submitted and/or approved registrations can be copied to be used as a template for future registrations and any modification to your registrations, saving time;

    Sharing Function
    Each registration can be "shared" with ez File users of your choice allowing others to assist with the registration.

    Pre-populated drop-down lists to reduce the amount of typing;

    Automatic E-mail confirmation of submission and DEEP decision on the registration;

    The convenience of having all of your registrations, supporting documents, email correspondence with DEEP, all in a single secure on-line location.

    Validation to make sure your registration is complete and accurate.

    Ability to upload supporting documents.

  3. To use the ezFile after you have created an account, select Radiation on the left navigation window, then enter DTX as the permit type. Enter the facility ID to modify/renew the registration.

Questions regarding availability and account set up or the on-line process should be directed to Simone Maxwell, 860-424-3240 or or visit our ezFile help page.

Revisions to the Registration Process:

  • Pre-filled registration forms will no longer be sent to registered facilities.
  • Pending a complete (i.e., full compliance) Registration, Registrants shall be issued a Certificate of Use.
  • Future registration notices will be sent electronically, not via hard copy. Therefore, it is imperative that registrants provide an accurate Registrant E-mail Address (see Part II of the Form) when completing the Registration Form.

Be advised - you cannot possess, store or use any X-Ray devices before registering. Failure to submit a timely renewal registration shall result in non-compliance with Connecticut General Statute 22a-150 (which requires the Registration of X-Ray Devices) and may result in an enforcement action being taken by the DEEP.

Content Last Updated April 2015