DEEP: CRT- GPS Friendly Maps

Connecticut Recreational Trails
GPS Friendly State Park Trail Maps
Use our georeferenced State Park and Forest trail maps with the free Avenza Maps PDF Reader to view your real-time location on the trail map!   Knowing where you are can help you make decisions at trail intersections and make the best use of your time in our beautiful parks and forests.
What you need
  • Phone or other GPS enabled mobile device. (This app uses GPS - not your cell phone service.)
  • Avenza Maps PDF Reader (free app developed for the National Forest Service).
  1. Download the Avenza Maps PDF Reader from the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft.  (Download links can be found on the Avenza website).
  2. Before heading out on the trail, download your state park or forest trail map(s).  Make sure to download the map listed as "Georeferenced PDF Maps for Mobile Apps".  (Note: Georeferenced maps are not yet available for all locations.)
  3. Open the Avenza Maps app and find the map(s) you just downloaded under "Imported".   With an iPhone, when you first open the pdf from the DEEP website, you can tap it and in the upper right corner of the PDF you will see an option to "Open in Avenza Maps".
  4. When you are at the park or forest, click on the map in the Avenza app and you will see a blue dot indicating your location.  The dot will move as you move! 
  5. Save battery power by putting your device in airplane mode. Remember, this app uses GPS not your cell phone service. To improve battery life, try adjusting brightness, closing other background apps, and turning off extraneous things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, notifications and e-mail syncing. 
The Avenza Maps app:
  • Works with your device's GPS without an Internet connection.
  • Will let you know if your location is not on the map;
  • Allows you to search for coordinates, create placemarks, add photographs and comments to the map, and more.
Visit the Avenza Support Center to learn more about the app. 
Content last updated August 10, 2017