DEEP: CELCP FY 2014 Grant Announcement

Coastal Land Acquisition Project Nominations Sought
Pursuant to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationís (NOAA) September 23, 2014 Federal Funding Opportunity announcement of potential federal funds available through the National Ocean Serviceís Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP), CT DEEP invites qualified applicants to submit coastal land acquisition project proposals that address the priority coastal land conservation values described in the Draft Connecticut CELCP  Plan.
CELCP is a federal coastal land conservation financial assistance program administered in cooperation with coastal states. CT DEEP may nominate up to two coastal land acquisition project proposals to the highly competitive NOAA CECLP grant program. Successful grant applicants can anticipate receipt of CELCP grant funds in the Fall 2014, at the earliest.
Qualified applicants are limited to the CT DEEP and municipalities within Connecticutís CELCP Project Area.  Applicants may submit project proposals pursuant to this announcement if eligible to hold title to land acquired using CELCP funds. Federal funds awarded under this program must be matched with non-Federal funds at a ratio of 1:1. NOAA anticipates that approximately $3,000,000 may be available through CELCP to assist coastal states and municipalities acquire coastal lands with extraordinary coastal conservation value, depending on final FY 2014 Congressional appropriations.  Typical project awards are expected to range from $100,000 to $1,000,000.
Applicants should use the Connecticut CELCP Project Nomination form to submit land acquisition project proposals to CT DEEP, via email (by 4:30 pm) or via U.S Mail postmarked by October 16, 2013.  Please contact David Kozak of CT DEEPís Office of Long Island Sound Programs at 860-424-3608 with any questions regarding this project nomination announcement.