DEEP: Coastal Permitting - Post Storm Sandy

Post Storm Sandy Coastal Permitting Information
Temporary Authorization - to allow work to maintain flow into, and out of, tidal wetland areas, such as removing sand or debris from creeks and pipes or replacing or repairing pipes and tide gates.
Temporary Authorization - to cover temporary measures to abate imminent threats of failure and to remove storm-related debris.
Temporary Authorization - to cover the use of equipment to replace sand that was displaced from beaches as a result of the storm.
Temporary Authorization - to cover the use of equipment to replace stones from seawalls and revetments which were displaced as a result of the storm.
Emergency Authorization - for riprap placement in eroded areas behind damaged seawalls, and for seawall, bulkhead and riprap revetment repairs. 
For questions and assistance, please contact the Land and Water Resources Division at 860-424-3019.
Content Last Updated November 10, 2016