DEEP: Coastal NPS Program - Hydromodifications Links

Connecticut's Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

Links to More Information about Reducing NPS from Hydromodifications
(Note: many of the following links exit the DEEP web site)


Stream Channel Encroachment Line Statutes   DEEP Permitting Fact Sheet

Structures, Dredging and Fill Act   DEEP Permitting Fact Sheet

Tidal Wetlands Act    DEEP Permiting Fact Sheet

Coastal Management Manual: Coastal Waters and Estuarine Embayments Fact Sheet


Connecticut Water Diversion Policy Act   DEEP Water Diversion Program Information

Dams and Reservoirs Statutes   DEEP Permitting Fact Sheet

Dams in Connecticut: Their History, Use & Regulation

Streambank and Shoreline Erosion

Coastal Management Manual: Coastal Hazard Area Fact Sheet

Coastal Management Manual: Shoreline Flood and Erosion Control Fact Sheet

Coastal Management Manual: Vegetated Buffers Fact Sheet

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act   CT DEEP's Inland Wetlands Program Information

Structures, Dredging and Fill Act   DEEP Permiting Fact Sheet

Tidal Wetlands Act   DEEP Permitting Fact Sheet